The transport plan by Sales-Lentz

Sustainable solutions provider SUSTAIN and SALES-LENTZ have pooled their knowledge to create the SMOVE solution, an innovative eco-mobility solution to help rationalise travel use and methods in order to reduce your environmental impact, progressively reduce the risks inherent to travel, increase the productivity of your employees and ultimately optimise travel-related cost constraints.

A method of calculating ROI – Return on investment – allows you to calculate with precision the opportunities afforded by a sustainable transport policy and so guarantee a positive effect on the efficiency of your organisation.

SMOVE can be applied to businesses, an administrations, schools, hospitals or collectives (communes, business zones etc.) and is aimed at analysing all the criteria which could impact on the question of displacement, or non-displacement, relating to commuting, business travel, shopping and leisure travel.

Our approach combines public with private transport, flexible shuttle services with electric-powered transport and car sharing with innovative leasing plans in a coherent transportation strategy.  It integrates the purposes of journeys (specific service layers) with mobility patterns, and proposes ICT support solutions (integrated transport cards, personal mobility assistance on Smartphone, etc.)

Our conception of the transport plan prioritises linking transportation issues corresponding to the work and social structure with a view to bringing about a co-constructed plan, following the methodology of “Service Design by User Experience”, resulting in a considered plan which is both dynamic and sustainable over time

Travel options :


Implementation of a Business Travel Plan :

  • Prepare and frame the plan (define context and objectives/mobilise, seek support/form a working group)
  • Assess the current situation (involve stakeholders/carry out an accessibility study/conduct a mobility survey)
  • Make an action plan (define operational objectives / draw up action plan in consultation /formalise and validate the plan)
  • Launch and implement the initiative (test actions over a day / programme and implement / monitor and evaluate actions)

Advantage of the ‘triple bottom line’ approach of CSR :

  • Economic plan (lowering transport costs – optimising travel – increasing productivity)
  • Social plan (lowering travel-to-work costs – improving working conditions (less stress, more comfort, better health) – reduction of accident risk)
  • Environmental plan (reduction of carbon footprint – reduction of pollution (noise, etc.) – reduction in energy demand – recuperation of public spaces)
  • Invest in the future and adopt a Business Travel Plan! A strong eco-mobility strategy will prepare you for future challenges and ensure you have a sustainable development policy. Whatever the size of your business, we will help you formulate a Business Travel Plan tailored to your needs.