Our CSR Commitment

At Sales-Lentz, CSR is a state of mind.

In order to best reconcile economic development, respect for the individual and protection of the environment, from 2007 Sales-Lentz established a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment.  This commitment has been formulated on the key issues related to the group’s activities.

Our brand image

Lively and enthusiastic. Young and dynamic. Our logo reflects our spirit, our values and our identity. A symbol of progress, it drives our strategic development into the future.

Our slogan

"moving people"

Our slogan, "moving people", internalises our goal and our commitment to placing the customer at the centre of all our activities. Luxembourg society,  at the heart of the Grand Region and of Europe, cosmopolitan and from a variety of backgrounds, comprising over 150 nationalities, demonstrates an exceptionally strong case, taking into account that nearly half of its residents are not of Luxembourg nationality, for our choice of an international slogan.

Our mission

" Begeeschtert Mataarbechter bewegen begeeschtert Clienten."
" Passionate staff for enthusiastic customers"

Our goal

"Our aim in Luxembourg and beyond is to become the benchmark for satisfying travel and mobility needs."

Socially Responsible Business

We are a socially responsible business, and our business strategy is based around four key themes:   local ownership, dialogue with our stakeholders, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and a solid environmental approach.

To meet this ambition for the future, while continuing to develop our business and in a spirit of continuous improvement and quality, Sales-Lentz has built its CSR commitment on three pillars of sustainable development, namely :

  • The social (the employee) and the societal (the individual)
  • The environmental (the quality of life)
  • The economic