Safer school transport – for all primary school pupils !

School transport plays a major role in the field of personal transport. Children are obviously more at risk in terms of road traffic than adults. Being smaller, more easily distracted and less confident, they are the most vulnerable road users.

That is why we have set up “Bus-Schoul by Sales-Lentz”. The objective is to bring traffic dangers to the attention of children in a fun way. By means of pictures, posters, exercises and games, they are encouraged to participate actively and to learn the rules necessary for a safe school bus journey.

Bus-Schoul is aimed at all primary school children (from first year to secondary school entry). We invite classes with their teachers to take part in this half-day training course at our headquarter in Bascharage. By means of theoretic examples and practical exercises, the children learn the rules for a safe school bus journey and and are taught what to do in case of an emergency.

You can download a flyer in German here :

For further information, please contact :

Monique Hirtz
Telephone: (+352) 691 206 464
E-mail: busschoul@sales-lentz.lu