Event Rider

Spend a quiet and stress-free event with your guests: avoid the problem of searching a parking place or an alcohol check.

What are the advantages of the Event Rider for the organizer?

Guests can inscribe themselves on your event dedicated webpage.  

The booking website gives you the possibility to check your guests’ registrations.   

The booking website offers you a large range of functionalities which will simplify the organization of the Event Rider (e.g: automatic mailing reminder to the guests who are not register or who would like to cancel their registration).  

When and where con you use the Event Rider?

24 hour/7 day basis

Everywhere in Luxembourg and on request in the Grand Région

From your guest place to the event venue and return.

What are the registration conditions?

Minimum number of participants: 20 pax

Registration has to be done minimum 5 working days before the event

What are the transfer variations available?

Variation 1: Simple

All your guests attend to the event at the same time or return at the same time, as your event starts and ends at a specific time.

Variation 2: Individual

The guest decide the time for the departure and the return. During the registration, guest can choose different transfer time, that you, as the organizer, have define.

Variation 3: Flexible

The guest decide during the event of the return time. We are taking care during the event of the coordination and the registration. You can separately book a one way or a return travel, and combine the transfer variations).