Our history...

The Sales-Lentz Group

Since 1948, Sales-Lentz has remained as a family owned firm and is today owned by Marc and Jos Sales. Two shareholder-managing directors, three general directors and an executive committee made up of 11 directors are responsible for governing the company’s affairs.

With nearly 500 vehicles largest fleet in Luxembourg, Sales-Lentz Group comprises six pillars: Travel, Transport (public and school), airport shuttles, business travel, general services (shuttles for businesses and events, disabled transportation, party buses) and Voyages Léonard, a subsidiary located in Belgium. As far as the first pillar is concerned, the company is operating 20 travel agencies in Luxembourg, with a market share of approximately 25%, in Belgium and in France. Sales-Lentz has developed Travel Pro, a business travel expert that range from small local businesses to large multinational companies.

In its business operations, Sales-Lentz Group aims at being recognised as “the leading company in travel and transport for Luxembourg and the Greater Region.” Another important part of the Sales-Lentz corporate culture is corporate social responsibility (CSR), so as to combine a long-term economic success with protecting the environment and social responsibility.