Sales-Lentz offers many solutions for all passengers wishing to travel independently by bus in Luxembourg. Whatever your destinations, needs and desires are, we do our best to meet your requirements with simple, accessible and user-friendly transport solutions.

For all your bus journeys in Luxembourg, Sales-Lentz offers a reliable and extensive transport service, covering Luxembourg-City and the whole national territory, as well as Belgium and France.

We have also developed several customised solutions. Discover our Flexibus which, as its name suggests, adapts to all your needs. Take all your night-time trips ‘a la carte’ with Night Rider, or go sightseeing in Luxembourg and Trier with our City-Sightseeing service.

Do you have a disability card? Novabus supports all people with reduced mobility. Do you have plans for long-distance European travel? Here too, Sales-Lentz has the independent transport solution with its coach package tours.