The principle is easy. Flexibus picks you up from home, takes you to the place of your choice and, if you want, takes you back home.

1. How does Flexibus work?

You can book the Flexibus from our depot, open from Monday to Friday from 5:45am until 8pm and on Saturday from 7:45am until 6pm.

2. How do I book the Flexibus?

To book the Flexibus, call us on our free number (+352) 8002 20 20.

3. Who is this service for?

Anyone wanting to travel spontaneously and flexibly within the district may make use of the Flexibus.

4. How do I use the Flexibus?

Let our depot know where you want to be and when, and from where you want to be picked up. We are also able to satisfy special requests, such as regular journeys. We do, however, advise you whenever possible to give us 45 minutes’ notice of your departure time.

Due to congestion during peak hours (8 to 11am and 2 to 5pm), departure times are might change – unless the client has booked the journey some time in advance.

5. Advantages of the Flexibus:

The management system of the Flexibus determines its journey. It may be that the Flexibus makes a detour to pick up or set down other passengers. Transportation of pushchairs and wheelchairs is possible.

6. Where can I find the Flexibus?

Flexibus Bettembourg

Flexibus Esch-sur-Alzette

Flexibus Mersch

Flexibus Roeser

Flexibus Rumelange

Walfy Flexibus Walferdange

Ruff Bus Sanem

Proxibus Garnich, Koerich and Steinfort

Conti Bus Contern