Night Rider

The Night Rider is a personal night bus, with no timetable and no fixed destinations. The Night Rider safely and reliably conveys customers throughout the Grand Duchy to their chosen destinations and brings them home again. The night bus operates only at weekends, between six o’clock in the evening and 5 o’clock in the morning.

Advantages :

On line booking
Customers can book a trip on line via the web page up to 60 minutes before their desired departure time, on condition they are in possession of a Night Card or a valid credit card.

So as to inform the customer of the bus’s arrival, the customer will receive a text message about 10 minutes before the estimated arrival time, so that s(he) can be ready on time at the collection point.

Pricing Model
The new tariff for journeys on the Night Rider is based on the distance involved, and not on the number of people booking the same journey. The most direct journey (the shortest) is the basis of pricing, even if the driver has to make a detour, whether to pick up or drop off other customers or for a reason beyond his/her control.

“Multiple Entry” option
Customers wishing to book a journey for more people may specify up to eight different departure or destination points.

The Night Card
Certain Communes offer the Night Card to their residents, who may then use the Night Rider free of charge or at a reduced rate. For holders of the Night Card, the Commune covers the whole or part of the cost of travel.